1. Tell us what is your typing speed?

Internationally it is expected of Data Entry Clerks to have an average typing speed of 30 to 40 words per minute. Do not place too much emphasis on typing speeds that vastly exceed this average. Remember that quality shouldn't suffer because of quantity.

2. Tell us is Data Entry And Filing The Same?

No, data entry is using an alphanumeric keyboard and/or ten key to enter data into a computer or data base. Filing is organizing data either alphabetically or relevant data into files or folders.

3. Do you know what Is A Data Entry Operator?

A data entry operator is someone whose main function is to enter data into a computer. this function is not related to any particular sector and most of the time its an entry level position.

4. Tell us what Does Accuracy Mean To You? How Do You Ensure It?

For me, accuracy is everything. Data entry isn't just punching information into a system. The information has to be accurate. To maintain data integrity, I make sure that the source information is accurate. Once the data is punched in, I ensure that I check and recheck it before declaring it done.

5. Explain me what Is Palm?

Palm is its basic method of data entry: a writing device, called a stylus, can be pointed at icons on the display to select items for entry. The stylus can also be used to enter alphanumeric data words stenographers tablet. Data appears on an liquid crystal display LCD screen. One of the outstanding features of the Palm is its basic method of data entry: a writing device, called a stylus, can be pointed at icons.

6. Tell us how do you handle confidential information?

Depending on your business needs, a data entry specialist may be expected to work with sensitive or even protected information. If your industry is subject to privacy regulations, ask how the specialist can ensure compliance with them.

7. Explain me what Is The Difference Between Data Integrity And Data Validity?

Usually data entry personnel - who enter, for example, 13/25/2010, by mistake, while errors in data integrity are caused by bugs in computer programs that, for example, cause data. Therefore, testing should be performed on a regular basis because data changes over time.Data Validity Errors caused due to incorrect data entry, called data validity errors, are probably the most.

8. Tell me what Is Bpo And Kpo? Differentiate Both Definitions?

Data Entry, Payroll Processing etc. Some of the web based services include live online sales and order entry, E-commerce transaction support, Live online inquiry handling, Web Design.BPO undertakes Data processing Basic data entry Setting up of a bank account Department Outsourcing Provides technical support Provides email support to its customers Even after the entry of KPO in the Indian.

9. Explain me what Punch Cards?

For operating fairground organs and related instruments. It was used through the 20th century in unit record machines for input, processing, and data storage. Early digital computers used punched cards as the primary medium for input of both computer programs and data, with offline data entry on key punch machines. Some voting machines use punched cards.

10. Tell us which application programs are you familiar with?

Competence in using standard workplace application programs is essential to be a successful Data Entry Clerk.

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