1. What are the cods rule for DEO?

Operations including view definitions, data manipulation operations update as well as retrieval, security and integrity constraints, and transaction management operations begin, commit, and rollback.Rule 6, and delete operators. This means that data can be retrieved from a relational database in sets constructed of data from multiple rows and/or multiple tables.This rule states that insert, update, and delete.

2. What do you rate as the best virtue of a data entry?

I believe that accuracy is the best virtue without which it will be impossible to provide quality work. Since many company decisions are made based on the information that data entry clerks punch in, it is important that quality is maintained.

3. How do you ensure accuracy while working?

I ensure accuracy at each point. When I punch in information, I make sure that I read it at least three times before typing it. Once I am done entering a module, I revisit it and compare it to the original to make sure that I have indeed punched in correct information.

4. Tell us how proficient you are with data entry technology and equipment?

Since I have been working as a data entry clerk for five years, I can work on most popular data entry software. I also have the capacity to learn new software in a time-efficient manner. I am competent in using keyboards, data entry calculators, data recorders and optical scanners.

5. Tell me besides your defined duties, can you perform front desk tasks?

Yes! I am adept at handling reception work and managing telephone exchange / PABX. In addition, my strong communication skills and customer focused approach would enable me to manage front desk effectively.

6. What is the key thing about you that can give you an edge over other contenders of this position?

My exemplary time management skills, healthcare experience, 76 words per minute typing speed and, above all, 2 training courses on medical terminology, 1 on effective CRM and 2 on essentials of data management and presentations.

7. Tell me have you worked in healthcare office setting before?

Yes, at XYZ I worked as a laboratory assistant and data entry clerk.

8. Why do you want to pursue a career as a data entry?

My best asset is my typing speed. I would like to take advantage of this asset and I believe that a data entry position will do justice to it.

9. How you transfer XML data including GUID into tally?

Ideal solution for.... Business Owners. Data entry operators....well, A method and system for processing data records having multiple formats is provided, in which each format to be parsed has a plug-in module for you. No need to learn VB, VC, Java, XML. Simply put your data in to MS Excel sheets, and transfer all the data to Tally A/c Sw in a click.Ideal solution for.... Business Owners. Data entry operators.

10. Explain the difference between BPO and KPO?

Data Entry, Payroll Processing etc. Some of the web based services include live online sales and order entry, E-commerce transaction support, Live online inquiry handling, Web Design. BPO undertakes Data processing Basic data entry Setting up of a bank account Department Outsourcing Provides technical support Provides email support to its customers Even after the entry of KPO.

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