1. Explain your troubleshooting process. Which factors are most important?

Candidates should detail their step-by-step troubleshooting process, including collecting information from users experiencing the error, establishing a hypothesis, testing it and implementing a corrective solution. The more detail, the more effective the methodology.

2. Explain me how did you close your last three projects?

Listen carefully. The potential hire's answer will demonstrate their ability to close projects effectively. Some projects fail because they aren't finished or closed properly. It is therefore important to establish whether your candidate has the drive to complete a project.

3. Tell us what is your experience working with vendors?

Discuss need to validate claimed expertise
Provide examples on how to manage but not hamper outside consultants

4. Tell us how did you keep your team motivated during past projects?

The candidate's answer will demonstrate their ability to motivate the project team to reach targets, and illuminate their management style. It is important to choose a candidate with strong people skills.

5. Can you explain me how do you keep your technology skills current?

Have you taken online classes, or do you spend some of your spare time coding or troubleshooting technology issues? Have you taken on work projects in areas of tech that you wanted to learn more about? These IT interview questions are designed to explore how actively you're involved in the IT industry and whether your interest could contribute to the role on offer.

6. As you know iT is an ever-evolving field. How do you keep up with it?

IT Technicians should always be aware of the technological advances in computing power, security and software and should be able to identify new technology that could improve company operations. Candidates should describe how they stay abreast of technological trends, including reading blogs and furthering their technical education.

7. Explain me what, in your opinion, is the most important quality in an IT Consultant?

Candidates should list attention to detail, creative approaches to problem-solving and good organizational skills as key attributes in an IT Consultant.

8. Explain me what is your experience with cloud enablement?

Discuss the common pathways to cloud including low risk back office systems to production environments
Identify the need to negotiate licensing and subscription agreements

9. Tell us what is your approach to prioritizing projects?

Discuss the need to balance projects that are innovative versus scaling or structuring enterprise processes
Utilize business case and how to determine big technology bets to drive innovation

10. Do you know what is the process of sub-netting?

This question tests a candidate's systems analysis expertise. Candidates should describe sub-netting as a process of splitting up a single TCP/IP network into a number of unique network segments. Look for answers detailing the benefits and drawbacks of the two network structures.

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