1. Can you tell us did you ever make a mistake that cost your company money?

I suppose that asking for name-brand vodka at the Christmas party, instead of the generic swill that they normally serve, doesn't count, right? No, really honestly, I'm delighted to report that I never made a mistake that cost my company money.

2. Suppose if I was your boss, what kind of person would you want me to be?

Friendly, supportive and appreciative. The one who gives equal opportunity to every subordinate, and practice the same what he preaches.

3. Tell us besides your regular duties, are you able to perform front desk tasks?

Yes! I am adept at handling reception work and managing telephone exchange / PABX. My strong communication skills and customer focused approach enables me to oversee all operations of the front desk efficiently.

4. Explain me how proficient you are with new data entry technologies and equipment?

Since I have been working as a data entry clerk for five years, I can work on most popular data entry software. I also can learn new software in a time-efficient manner. I am competent in using keyboards, 10-key, data entry calculators, data recorders and optical scanners.

5. Please explain is it more important to be lucky or skillful?

I think that it's more important to be lucky, although being very skilled can help to create more opportunities. Certainly, [at my former job, my boss'] confidence in me inspired the decision makers at our firm to trust that I could do the job. But clearly, I also happened to be in the right place at the right time.

6. Tell us what attributes give you an edge over other contenders for this position?

My excellent time management skills, healthcare industry experience and typing speed of 55 words per minute set me apart from competitors. I am also trained in using CRM and able to manage and present data. Above all, I always maintain the confidentiality of all kinds of information.

7. Tell me three of your major attributes?

☛ Perfect and timely data entry of information
☛ Exceptional attention to detail
☛ Proven ability to work in a fast-paced and multicultural environment

8. Can you tell me do you consider yourself a leader?

Oh, yes, absolutely. I have all of the leadership qualities. I'm extroverted, but I also happen to be a terrific listener. I consider myself a “big idea” person, but I can also be hard-nosed and practical when necessary.

9. As you know you have changed careers before. Why should I let you experiment on my nickel?

As a career-changer, I believe that I'm a better employee because I've gained a lot of diverse skills from moving around. These skills help me solve problems creatively.

10. Tell us how do you ensure accuracy while working as Data Entry Specialist?

I ensure accuracy at each point. When I punch in information, I make sure that I read it at least three times before typing it. Once I am done entering a module, I revisit it and compare it to the original to make sure that I have indeed punched in the correct information.

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