1. What is the metasets in Solaris?

Collection of metadevices which have their own metadb

2. What is the difference between /var/adm/ and /var/sadm
directory contains in solaris?

/var/adm directory contains Administration information
i)system crashes
ii) accounting information for eace user

/var/sadm directory contains all the package related

3. How many zones can we create in Solaris?

we can create 8192 non global zones within global zone but
in realtime environment only at max of 10 to 15 is possible

4. How to change network interface property in Solaris?

We can use dladm command to change network interface
property in Solaris

In this example below maximum bandwidth of link is set to

$ dladm set-linkprop -p maxbw=2m e1000g0

Similarly if you want to set the link to full duplex
$ dladm set-linkprop -p duplex=full e1000g0

5. How to grow disk size in SDS? what is SDS?

Advantages of Disksuite

Solstice disk suite provides three major functionalities :

1. Over come the disk size limitation by providing for
joining of
multiple disk slices to form a bigger volume.

2. Fault Tolerance by allowing mirroring of data from one
disk to another
and keeping parity
information in RAID5.

3. Performance enhancement by allowing spreading the data
space over
multiple disks .

6. How to add swap space in Sun Server?

There are two ways to add swap in Sun Server(i.e. Sun
Solaris) as below;

1. Make a partion at availbale free disk of required swap
size and then make an entry in /etc/vfstab file. After that
run the command #swapadd /dev/dsk/cXtXdXsX or give the
reconfiguration reboot to the Server.

2. Instead of making partion you can create make a file of
required swap size with the help of #mkfile <size>
<filename> command and after that make an entry
in /etc/vfstab and follow rest of steps mention in point

7. What is the difference between container and zones?

Zones: A zone is a virtual operating system abstraction
that provides a secured environment where applications
run.The applications are protected from each other to
provide software fault isolation.

Container: zone + resource management
The ability to control resource usage for processes,task
and zones.Resources can be CPU level,RAM,virtual
memory,Kernel level tables etc.

8. What are the common errors you find in Solaris Volume manager?

There two common errors or problems you will encounter in SVM and these are

1.Maintainence mode( Due to lack of syncronization or some other error)

2.Disk faulty is the second one!

9. How to make file system of 65 GB if u get new disk of 80 GB?

run #devfsadm cmd after fix 80gb HDD
plz wait disk is reading ..
the attached disk menstioned below controller with HDD name
selectt disk
select p ( partition)
select p ( print)

you select tag 4 enter
you select tag name enter
you seletct wm enter
you select starting cylinder enter
you give now cylinder size : 65gb( you must mention mb or
gb) enter

u give l for lable ( lable means save a things)
it asking (y/n ) y

newfs /dev/rdsk/c#t#d#s4 enter
it taking few mins then crete dir for mount
mkdir /john ( anything )
mount /dev/dsk/c#t#d#s4 /john

and check
df -hk

put entry in /etc/vfstab