1. What are PIDs?

They are process IDs given to processes. A PID can vary from 0 to 65535.

2. How do you send a mail message to somebody?

mail somebody@globalguideline.com -s ‘Your subject' -c ‘ cc@globalguideline.com‘

13. How do you refer to the arguments passed to a shell script?

, and so on. {xtypo_info}$1, $2 and so on. $0 is your script name.{/xtypo_info} is your script name.

16. How do you test for file properties in shell scripts?

-s filename tells you if the file is not empty, -f filename tells you whether the argument is a file, and not a directory, -d filename tests if the argument is a directory, and not a file, -w filename tests for writeability, -r filename tests for readability, -x filename tests for executability

17. How do you do Boolean logic operators in shell scripting?

! tests for logical not, -a tests for logical and, and -o tests for logical or.

19. What's a way to do multilevel if-else's in shell scripting?

if {condition} then {statement} elif {condition} {statement} fi

20. How do you write a for loop in shell?

for {variable name} in {list} do {statement} done