1. Do you know What is Device driver?

A driver is fundamentally a piece of software written for a specific device.
Its main tasks are to perform I/O's on a device. To do this there are typically well defined models for a driver.

Generic description of a driver structure will be:
a) Device I/O Address (Physical Hardware -> Logical OS based address)
b) Interrupt that the device generates and its handler (the driver)
c) A software Handler to manage the read write operations to and fro from the device.

2. Can you explain what is the specialty of winCE?

WinCE supports both Hard real time as well as soft real time
environment depends on what processor we are using and with
what configuration.
Using Platform builder tool one can make this WinCE OS as
customise O S to his hardware. Which is one of good
advantage over other OS.
We can make as compact as possible O S image just by adding
required component (along with sample code) only in
customize OS Designing.

3. Tell me What is CE Stands in winCCE?

Windows CE (also known officially as Windows Embedded
Compact post version 6.0, and sometimes abbreviated
WinCE) is Microsoft's operating system for minimalistic
computers and embedded systems. Windows CE is a distinctly
different operating system and kernel, rather than a
trimmed-down version of desktop Windows. It is not to be
confused with Windows XP Embedded which is NT-based

4. Tell me what are the SDKs developed by winCE?

MSFT standard SDK's are,

1. Windows Mobile for Smartphone = Windows Mobile Standard.
2. Windows Mobile for Pocket PC = Windows Mobile Classic.
3. Windows Mobile for Pocket PC Phone Edition = Windows
Mobile Professional.

5. Explain what are the levels in winCE architecture?

There are four levels in Win CE architecture.
They are
1)Hardware layer
2)OEM layer
3)OS layer
4)Application layer

6. What is the main difference between winCE4.0 and winCE5.0 Is there any speciality?

speciality in the sense ...
1) number of processes supported by wince 5.0 is more
than wince 4.0
2) memory mapping might be varying.

7. Why MFC is not Supporting in Smartphones, This is also winCE mobile then why?

I am not sure in every cases, whether this is true..??
May be the reason is,
While compared to PocketPc, smartphone has a limited h/w
resources, like memories etc. In order to reduce the
kernel+application size, they are removing the libraries for
the MFC .

8. Explain what are the advantages and disadvantages of winCE compared to GPOS?

1) Supports various types of processor platforms
2) Possible to Customize the Kernel and can reduce its size
(upto ~300KB kernel size)
3) Especially for the embedded device platforms

1) Process limits, max. 32 process at a time in WinCE 5.0
2) Limited space allocation for each processes, 32MB/each

9. Do you know Where is AD Database held what other folders are
related to AD?

NTDS.dit is a active AD data base file stores in %

Edb.chk, Edb*.log, res1, res2 are the files related to AD