1. What is MacFUSE?

MacFUSE is software that allows you to write arbitrary file systems as user-space programs. You can think of it as a library for easily developing Mac OS X file systems. Another crude way to look at this would be to think of MacFUSE as something that makes Mac OS X work like a microkernel for the purpose of writing/running file systems. MacFUSE has two major components: an in-kernel loadable file system and a user-space library (libfuse). The in-kernel file system is specific to Mac OS X and is not based on Linux FUSE. (Some of its code is based on the FreeBSD implementation of FUSE.) The user-space library (libfuse), which provides the developer-visible FUSE API, has numerous Mac OS X specific extensions and features.

2. How to take screen shots on the Mac?

To take a screen shot with Mac OS X hold down the Command (cmd) key and the shift key and either the number 3 to take a shot of the whole screen or number 4 to change your pointer to cross-hairs that can be dragged across a section of the screen to capture just tat part. With the cmd+shift+4 option you can put your pointer over a window and press the space bar to capture that window,
In the Utilities folder which is in the Applications folder is software called Grab which does the same thing but also allows for a delayed capture which gives you ten seconds to arrange your screen before taking the shot.

3. How to transfer files from mac powerbook to external hard drive?

First, make sure that your external hard drive is USB capable. If it uses firewire, then that might be the issue. If it is USB capable, then plug it into the power book. Wait at the most 1 minute for it to recognize the external hard drive. If it does not appear on the screen, you may want to try and plug it in on a second computer. If it doesn't show up on a second computer, the hard drive may have a problem/bug. If it does show up, then drag the selected files onto the hard drive. If it says you can't, then there probably isn't enough room on the hard drive to store the files. That is about all that can be explained to you from the information given.

4. How to use Internet Explorer 7 on Mac OS X?

First go to Safari Preferences>Advanced and check the box to show the Develop menu.
Next open the Develop menu and go to User Agent and choose IE. Should probably use the latest, 9.0. Don't forget to set it back to the default when finished with that form if it works.

5. Where is the print screen key on a Mac?

There is no print screen key for Macs, however, there are several key combinations for taking screenshots based on what you want to do with the screenshot.
I personally use Cmd+Shift+4, and select what I wish to take a picture of, or if i want to take a picture of a window, I press space. This will save the screenshot on your desktop.

6. How to delete files in Mac OS X?

Firstly, you drag the file to the trash. Then, just empty the trash by right-clicking and then selecting "Empty Trash"
The trash is similar to the recycle bin in Windows.

7. What is Macintosh's newest operating system?

The latest version of Mac OS X is OS X Yosemite.

8. Suppose if you delete something from the registry editor does it uninstall?

Registry is like a database which stores windows information.
all you are seeing in your system is controlled by registry.
registry also stores location of applications and processes. so if you delete an application entry from registry than you cannot see it in Appwiz.cpl.
I suggest don't make changes in registry if you haven't much knowledge about it. It May corrupt your windows.

9. When to update mac software to keep files?

On update user files are not effected (mostly). Applications (~/Applications or /Applications) files and user files (~/Library/Application Support) are kept in different locations. Most of the times only application files are updated and only developer decides what should happen with user files. If older user files are not compatible anymore and new version of application can't convert your user files to newer version, configuration files of that application will be damaged and removed. Application will start as first time and reconfiguring will be needed (if required at all). For instance Skype requires login information.
Other files not related with application is touched.

10. Tell me is windows vista derived from mac os x?

No, it's not. But Vista has similat to OS X interface, at this point it was derived from OS X.

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