2. You are using sysprep to prepare a system for imaging. You want to reset the security ID (SID) and clear the event logs. Which option should you use?
A) /oobe
B) /unattend
C) /audit
D) /generalize

Generalize prepares the Windows installation to be imaged. If this option is specified, all unique system information is removed from the Windows installation. The security ID (SID) resets, any system restore points are cleared, and event logs are deleted. The next time the computer starts, the specialize configuration pass runs. A new security ID (SID) is created, and the clock for Windows activation resets, if the clock has not already been reset three times.

9. Which of the following tools can you use to determine if the applications, devices and hardware on your computer running Windows Vista are known to have problems with Windows 7?
A) Graftabl
B) PEImg
D) Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor

Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor.
The Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor can examine the configuration of a computer running Windows Vista to determine if any of the applications installed on that computer are known to have compatibility problems with Windows 7.