2. Change to a directory, which is having very long name ?

- cd CDMA_3X_GEN*Here original directory name is . .CDMA_3X_GENERATION_DATA..

4. Display the last newly appending lines of a file during appendingdata to the same file by some processes ?

- tail .f Debug.logHere tail shows the newly appended data into Debug.log by some processes/user.

5. Search for a sample string in particular files?

- grep .Debug. *.confHere grep uses the string .Debug. to search in all files with extension..conf. under current directory.

6. Delete blank lines in a file?

- cat sample.txt | grep -v ‘^$' > new_sample.txt

9. Which obp command has a permanent allies?

When NValias need is:

In case system can not boot from primary disk and it is needed to make another boot disk to access the data , nvalias command is used.

nvalias command makes the device alias and assigns an alternate name to a physical disk. Physical address of target disk is required which can be had by show-disk command on ok>.

ok> nvalias disk7 /iommu@f,e0000000/sbus@f,e0001000/dma@3,81000/esp@3,80000/sd2,0

The new aliased disk can be named as boot disk or can be used for booting by referring its name

ok> setenv boot-device disk7



ok> boot disk7

10. What could be the reason and what files has to be checked to fix this and which log file we have to refer to know more details about the problem.

The user is exisitng in the /etc/passwd file and the shell is also properly configured and there is no specific error messages in the /var/adm/messages file.

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