Basic Sales Analyst Interview Questions:

Submitted by: Muhammad
☛ What analysis and modeling techniques and methodologies have you found to be the most effective, and why?
☛ What are some of the most important points a business analyst must take care of when preparing a business plan?
☛ What diagrams and/or other materials do you use to capture and describe customer needs and convey technical information?
☛ How many business case engagements have you worked on? What was your involvement?
☛ Tell me about a time when you created long-range plans at a previous employer.
☛ How do you determine which Business Intelligence (BI) tools to use? Which have you worked with?
☛ If two companies are merging, explain what tasks you would implement to make the merge successful, and how you would implement those tasks.

☛ Explain the steps you must take to create use cases when working with specific document requirements.
☛ Tell me about a time when you've had to work with difficult stakeholders, and how you handled it.
☛ Describe three of the different types of diagrams that business analysts most often use.
☛ Define and describe the difference between basic flow, exception flow, and alternate flow in use cases.
☛ Tell me about how you usually approach a project.
☛ How have you handled stakeholders who were difficult?
☛ Can you define the diagrams that business analysts use?
☛ Why do you think flowcharts are important?
☛ Where do you see the role of a business analyst fitting into an organization?
☛ What is your requirement elicitation strategy?
Submitted by: Muhammad

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