How to change the message type?

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☆ Before jumping in to do as the error message suggests, let's think for a moment about what that entails.
☆ Inspect every Receive and Send shape to determine if it uses a Message variable that's associated with the schema you want to change.
☆ Its not a good practice to create a single orchestration with so many Receive/Send shapes.
☆ Delete Port connections, once you find all the Receive/Send shapes.
☆ Change the Message variable so that the Message Type property is set to the new schema and then re-associate the Message variable with each Receive/Send shape.
☆ Find all the Port Types that are associated with the Ports you disconnected from Receive/Send shapes and reset their Operation's Message Type properties.
☆ Use a Multi-Part Message Type to wrap the underlying schema. It's flexible and saves time in the long run.
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