Tell us what do you know about GAP Analysis and what is its importance?

Submitted by: Muhammad
GAP analysis is the process of comparing the current state and the proposed state of any business and its functionalities. It comes under the Enterprise Analysis which is a knowledge area of a business Analyst. It helps in determining what steps need to be taken to meet the proposed state requirements for the business. In simple language it can be defined as a gap between 2 questions – ‘Where we are?' and ‘Where we want to be?'

This analysis can be conducted for:
☛ • How the Current business process activities and steps are vs how will be the future business process activities and steps.
☛ • How the data that a system provides to an interface is now vs how the data needs to be provided in the future
☛ • How well a business meets certain goals and metrics now versus the targeted goals and metrics in the future.
Submitted by: Muhammad

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