What are the things essential to have for bug tracking software?

Submitted by: Ali Hassan Siddiqui
For a bug tracking software it is essential to have:
☛ Reporting facility - complete with fields that will let you provide information about the bug, environment, module, severity, screenshots etc.
☛ Assigning - What good is a bug when all you can do is find it and keep it to yourself, right?
☛ Progressing through the life cycle stages - Workflow
☛ History/work log/comments
☛ Reports - graphs or charts
☛ Storage and retrieval - Every entity in a testing process needs to be uniquely identifiable, the same rule applies to bugs too. So, a bug tracking tool must provide a way to have an ID, which can be used to store, retrieve and organize bug information.
Submitted by: Ali Hassan Siddiqui

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