What is the difference between CVS and SVN?

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Concurrent Versions System (also known as Concurrent Versioning System or CVS) is a free software revision control system -that is, it is a program that is open for use to the public that manages changes to documents, programs, and other information stored in computer files). It allows multiple developers to collaborate.
Subversion (also known as SVN) is a version control system used to maintain the current and preceding versions of files (like source code, web pages, and documentation). It is a direct upgrade of CVS and its most compatible successor. It is also an open source technology and has been widely used in multiple projects -such as Apache Software Foundation, Free Pascal, MediaWiki, and Google code.
1. CVS allows multiple users to collaborate on the same project; Subversion maintains the current and preceding versions of files.
2. CVS allows users to check in on the same project and modify it; Subversion commits as true atomic operations.
3. CVS can maintain different branches of a project; Subversion uses parsable output.
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