components of Biztalk Server architecture?

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☆ Receive Port:
Listens for messages.
☆ Adapters:
Information interchange with external systems
☆ Pipeline, dis-assembler and sub-components:
Normalizing the schema's (wire message in its native format) of the internal messages using XML as the common language.
☆ Message-box:
Internal XML messages are published here and then are further consumed by Subscribers.
☆ Subscribers (Send Port and Orchestration components):
Subscribe to internal messages per metadata or message context properties.
☆ Biz-talk Orchestration Engine:
Processing the internal messages, re-publishing them to Message-box to be consumed by other subscribers.
☆ Send Port:
Consumes the internal XML messages, converts them to a wire messages through the associated pipeline and sub-component Assembler.
☆ Adapter:
Conveys the wire message to the target system.
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