1. Do you know what is customer service?

Customer Service first of all is knowing that the ‘customer is king', the ‘customer is always right'. Keeping the customer happy is the main role of a customer service agent. As you are usually the first point of contact, how you present yourself and your overall attitude is always remembered. Customer service is all about the customer and the service you provide, it will be your job to build positive relationships with them, making sure that their experience with the company is a confident one and in doing so the overall reputation of the company is increased.

2. Tell us how would your customer service team describe you as a manager?

Focus on the strengths and skills required to successfully manage a customer service team including clear communication, organizational and planning skills, people development and empowerment, motivational skills and problem-solving skills. Support your answer with examples of actual feedback you have received from team members.

3. Explain me how have you used data to improve the level of customer service?

How do you employ this data to achieve your customer service goals?

"I measured the number of repetitive support emails that were coming in and identified that a number of questions were consistently asked. I researched the benefit of setting up a knowledge base online to address these questions. It was cost effective to do this and has proved an efficient way of reducing these repetitive emails sent by customers."

4. Tell me is it possible to integrate CRM with social networking sites?

Yes, you can integrate CRM with social networking sites. It focusses on using social media to enhance customer engagement.

5. Tell me an example of how you have managed an under-performing staff member?

What process did you follow to understand the reasons for the poor performance, gain commitment to the need for change and resolve the issues?

6. Please explain why do you think people choose our company's products or services?

Here you must do some thorough research before the interview. First, find out what are the main products and services that the company provides. Second, do some research into their marketing plans to determine who they are targeting. The annual report should provide some details of their customer base and target market. The aim here is not only to impress them with your knowledge of their product but also to show an understanding of who their customers are.

7. Explain which computer/data entry/telecommunications systems are you familiar with?

Ideally, you will have had some experience with a dedicated customer service software package. If not, explain that you are proficient with Microsoft packages and using web based solutions and are confident that you will quickly learn how to use a new system.

8. Tell me some of the questions that help you decide whether you need a CRM system?

If you have following questions unanswered you might need CRM solution,

☛ Do you know how many customer service issues each customer has had, and why?
☛ Are you assured that all the leads in the sales pipeline are being followed up?
☛ Is your team communicating well with potential clients?

9. Tell me are you a team player? What types of team structure have you worked within?

Always answer that you are a team player, that you enjoy working as part of the team. Talk about previous teams you have worked in; mention the size of the team, who you reported to, what role you had and who the team leader reported to, for example, manager or director.

10. Why are you applying to work here as Customer Relationship Officer?

This is always a challenge to answer well. The interviewer wishes to see that you have done some research about the company. Mention the company's values and mission as being in line with your personal attitudes and goals in life.

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