1. Explain me what experience do you have in a call center?

If you are fresher and you don't have experience, then you can mention something that can relate you with a call center. Example, I have worked in desktop support, or I am holding a certificate for mass communication, etc. If you are experienced, narrate the same.

2. Tell me why should we hire you as senior customer service representative?

For one, the interview question: “give us reasons to hire you”, “why should we employ you” or “what can you bring to our company” is something that differentiates the best candidates from the other good candidates.

3. Please explain about a time when you made a customer happy?

What they're looking for: A candidate who knows how to please customers.

How to answer: Be prepared to share a customer story of your past experience. Outline your story so you can hit on the key points quickly while walking the interviewer through the situation.

4. Please explain about what makes you happy in customer service?

What they're looking for: A candidate who genuinely finds happiness in being of service to others.

How to answer: Be prepared to share what truly excites you about customer service. If you struggle to find a reason why customer service helps bring you happiness, perhaps you should refocus your job search.

5. Please explain what are your strengths as Customer Support Representative?

This is the common question, you might face in any interview. So, prior to interview do your homework and jot down your strengths like subject knowledge, computer skills, communication etc. Also, how you can relate your strength to your current job. For example, you have a good hold on some language, or you have some good marketing skill or having ability to convince other.

6. Tell me what do you know about our services?

I know that you provide financial services, consumer credit cards, home lending and dealer services which happen to be the best in town.

7. Why are you leaving last job as Customer Support Representative?

Although this would seem like a simple question, it can easily become tricky. You shouldn't mention salary being a factor at this point. If you're currently employed, your response can focus on developing and expanding your career and even yourself. If you're current employer is downsizing, remain positive and brief. If your employer fired you, prepare a solid reason. Under no circumstance should you discuss any drama or negativity, always remain positive.

8. Tell us what is your typing skill?

This question means how many words you can type in a minute. If you know the number, you can mention it but if you don't know then just tell that you are good in typing skills.

9. Tell us what according to you call center job is?

This question is asked by interviewer to know your awareness to the job profile. So based on your answer they will decide what role or position they will assign to you. For instance, if you say that call center is about dealing with customer problems they will put assign you customer associate Role. On the contrary, if your answer is that a call center is a new business zone, where youngsters are employed in numbers and get an opportunity to develop their career, they might put you in a HR department.

10. Tell us what type of schedule are you looking to work?

What they're looking for: A candidate who fits within the organization's current scheduling.

How to answer: Know beforehand what your schedule looks like, and how a job plays into the schedule. Know your flexibilities. By communicating your schedule, the employer knows how they can incorporate you into their shifts.

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