1. Are you happy with your career as Customer Support Specialist?

Yes it brought opportunities to be helpful to people, learn new technology and make a difference especially when coming up with new process and procedures. I was proud of developing an employee survey for Help Desk support.

2. What are your long term career goals as Customer Support Specialist?

My Long term career goal is to get to a point where I would be part of the decision making body., lead in introducing new innovations.

3. Explain me how would you handle an angry client?

I have had to deal with my fair share of angry clients in previous positions. What is most important is to remain calm. My job was to help them in any way I could, so that is just what I did. I explored all possible solutions, making sure to communicate my efforts with the client every step of the way. Upon finding a solution, I made sure to verify with the client that his or her problem had been solved in a satisfactory manner.

4. Tell me how to deal with the customer having language barrier?

To deal with customer having language barrier,

☛ Install translation aids on customer service workstations
☛ Offer chat, e-mail or customer support options in their native language if possible on top of the phone calls
☛ Hire additional personnel with the language skills needed to work with this customer segment
☛ Enroll language barrier procedures that can be used when handling foreign customer calls

5. Explain me how one can improve customer interactions?

To improve customer interaction,

☛ Admit your mistakes even before your customer does and apologize
☛ Take follow up if a problem is solved
☛ Practice active listening so your customer feel heard
☛ Try to identify a common interest or liking with the customer

6. Tell me how can you create a new opportunities for customers proactive engagement?

☛ Use internet service to contact customer on social media
☛ Use mobile often to reach maximum customers by sending personalized context-relevant offers or services
☛ Customer Interactions must be relevant to customers interest to gain their trust and encourage them
☛ Analyze the customer data and behavior using business intelligence tool, to understand its expectation for the service you offer
☛ Use cloud platform to keep your service updated with the latest technology and with minimum expenses

7. Tell me what did you like and dislike about your previous job?

I like people and work place that make a great place to work with. Sometimes I dislike too much meeting, but the meeting always brings good idea and the problem solve solution ideas.

8. If you had a specialty as Customer Support Specialist what would it be?

Being pro active, helping out as much as I can, and quickly as possible. On top of that, anything I don't know, I enjoy being proactive in learning about it and enhancing my knowledge.

9. Tell us how can you build customer loyalty?

To build customer loyalty, you need to

☛ Track customer retention by surveying your customers
☛ Analyze the data to see how many customers are new and how many are returning for your service
☛ Focus on converting new customers into returning customers as a plan of your customer retention plan
☛ Encourage employees to build connections with customers
☛ Solicit feedback from customer so they feel that their opinions matter

10. Tell me how would you handle negative feedback from angry clients?

To handle negative feedback from angry clients,

☛ Customer representative should be able to manage customer without being dominated
☛ He should not be overwhelmed by a disapproving customer
☛ Try to listen and understand customer issue before going after suggestions or solution

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