1. Do you know what is the cost of the pond?

Cost of pond depends on area, land and type of pond you intend to have. By type of pond, I mean earthen, concrete or tarpaulin ponds.

2. Tell me how many adult fish can my pond rear?

How many litres is your pond capacity? Ideally, you are supposed to have one fish per 8 litres of water since you don't use an aerator. If you use an aerator, one fish to 4 litres is acceptable. To get better growth with catfish, you definitely need one.

3. Tell me how long does it take the shellfish to grow to market size?

☛ Oysters: 18-36 months
☛ Mussels: 18 months

4. Explain why are Alaskan oysters so remarkable?

Pacific oysters, grown in warm waters, reach sexual maturation during their second summer of life, causing them to become soft and a milky color. These characteristics make the oysters unmarketable. In Alaska, because cold water retards maturation, high-quality oysters are available year round. Because they cannot reproduce, wild or naturally occurring, oysters are very uncommon in Alaska. All farmed Alaskan oysters are imported as spat (juvenile oysters) from Pacific Coast hatcheries.

5. Explain what is a good farm site like?

A potential farm site should have good tidal flushing so that food (plankton) is readily carried to the site and waste is carried out to sea. The site must be protected from storms. The site must be reasonably close to the markets that will buy the shellfish. Staff should be able to live near the site.

6. Explain what modern items can we use to fight fish diseases?

Modern methods include medications, e.g. Aquapro, UV light. Google it. Cheap method is the use of amoxil and tetracyline preparations like NCO to fight disease

7. Tell me how much does land cost?

Depending on the location whether main road or side road or very remote, land costs Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 300,000 per acre. Very good land can probably be purchased for around Rs. 125,000 per acre.

8. How to evaluate if oxygen in water is reduced?

The fishes can come to the surface, hang, or you see air bubbles or foam on your water

9. Tell me Is fish farming profitable?

Yes, fish farming is very profitable considering that the rate of fish at local wholesale is around Rs. 200 - 300 per kg depending on the size of the fish.