1. Why should I hire you as Veterinary Surgeon?

I have been bitten, but never a puncture wound. I have been bitten while in VA by the cats before while learning to restrain, but I have gotten much better at it.

2. Tell me how do you maintain accurate patient records?

Growing up with horses and cows, I have had to make a few split second decisions based off the reactions from an animal. I have almost been run over by large animals a few times.

3. Explain about the different types of animals you have worked with in the past?

I have been a part of multiple euthanizations and have felt emotional, but have so far kept my composure.

4. Tell me how do you respond in an emergency situation?

Although it is hard to see an animal in pain I know they are in the best place now and it will push me to do everything in my ability to make this animal feel more comfortable whether it be giving it fresh food and bedding or just giving it attention.

5. Tell me what are some of the animals you've worked with in the past?

Though it is always difficult to see an animal in pain, my purpose is to stay calm, assess the situation, and help in any way possible. In order to help you must remain composed and focused on the situation at hand.

6. Tell me what do you do when you are working with a scared animal?

Yes, patient care is always the top priority, but I have developed effective time management skills and I will be able to efficiently split my time between required tasks and still be successful.

7. Tell us how do you maintain accurate patient records?

I have been laid off from a job due to budget costs but I have never been asked to leave due to my work performance.

8. Tell me how would your employer describe your past work?

Walking my dogs, cleaning out and spending time with my animals, reading, socalising with friends, go horse riding when I can and going kickboxing.

9. Tell me why are you the best person for this position?

I believe that I am the best person for this position because I have 5 years experience working in an animal hospital and your hospital philosophy resembles my own in that I believe the best form of care is preventative through client education.

10. Tell me how do you manage your time in the work place?

When working in the veterinary hospital you have to be able to prioritize your work. I will complete tasks that must be done by a vet tech and then I will delegate other tasks that can be done by another coworker so as not to fall behind schedule.

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