1. Tell me are you okay working with other people?

Yes love the company but can also work happily on my own.

2. Tell us do you have your own tools?

Yes I have some of my own tools for landscaping.

3. Tell us what is your specialty?

People person very friendly fast quick learner and always willing to learn new things.

4. Tell me do you have any mulching experience?

Yes I have done some but not a lot but I know it's to prevent the evaporation of moisture, the freezing of roots and the growing a of weeds.

5. Tell me do you have your own transportation?

Not yet, but i planning to buy soon.

7. Explain how well do you pay attention to details?

Very well I pay attention so much that I double check my work before leaving the job.

8. Explain how high of expectations do you put on your work?

I start low so that I can be proud of my work when I've exceeded my expectations and be confident to raise the bar next time.

9. Explain have any education in landscaping?

Not specifically in the field of landscaping but I feel my hands on experience harvesting and maintaining gardens gives my some basic knowledge like how to correctly and safely use tools such as wheel barrows, shovels and spades, shears and loppers ect.

10. Tell me do you enjoy working in all weather conditions?

Well what kind of soil it is and putting plants that don't compete for light or root space.

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