1. Can you describe yourself?

This is probably the MOST common first question asked. It sets the stage for the whole interview. Be careful. Keep it short. The interviewer doesn't want to hear your whole life story. Mention education, personality traits and interests which are job-relevant.

2. Has anything or anyone irritated you at work?

Obviously things irritate you at work, but try to avoid saying it. Rather say you prefer to focus on the job.

3. How do you deal with pressure/stress?

Try to keep your answer positive. You may love the pressure and the pace of the job. Try to avoid saying you'll crumble. If the job demands stress and you cannot deal with stress, maybe the job is not for you.

4. Where else have you applied for a job as Horticulturist?

This is a good point to hint you're in demand. Try to avoid being too arrogant. Be honest and mention the companies, but try to avoid going into details.

5. What relevant experience do you have as Horticulturist?

If you have lots of relevant* experience mention all of it. If you are changing careers then you need to think creatively, but honestly, how your experience could benefit the company.

6. Why should I hire you as Horticulturist?

'Because I'm great!' or 'I really need a job' are not the answers the interviewer is looking for. This is a good time to give the interviewer a list of all your relevant, positive attributes: for example: your education, work experience, personality traits, etc that would make you the ideal candidate for the job. Try to avoid any negative feedback.

7. Why are you applying for this job?

Be careful, this question could trip you up. Try to avoid mentioning money at this point. Even if you have been retrenched or are struggling - try to remain positive at all times. Try to avoid sounding desperate. If you were fired, you need to think about your answer and have a good explanation. Give this some thought before the interview and really think about the reasons for wanting the job. A good reason could be that the position will allow you to grow and get experience.

8. What's your greatest strength as Horticulturist?

This is your time to shine! It's the one time you can let the interviewer know why you're perfect for the job. Remain positive at all times. For example: you're a good motivator or … a team player … or you're dedicated and reliable … or you thrive under pressure, etc.

9. Have you had any issues with your previous boss?

This is a test! Be careful. Avoid falling for this one. The interviewer is testing to see if you would speak badly about your previous boss or company.

10. What motivates you to do a good job as Horticulturist?

Money is NOT the answer! Try to avoid saying this even if it's true. You may want to consider that getting recognition for a job well done is what motivates you.

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