1. Which is the largest marsupial?

The largest of all marsupials is the red kangaroo (Macrpus rufus).

3. Which animal live in hot region?

Camels, lizards, scorpian, centipedes, millipedes, spiders, snakes, goats etc.

4. Name three aquatic mammals?

Walrus, whale and Dolphins.

5. Which is the worlds smallest and ferocious mammal?

The Shrew; a tiny mouse like mammal only two inches long and weighs about as much as a nickel.

6. Define what is an Ovoviviparous animal?

Oviparous animal is one which after laying eggs, keeps them within its body to hatch and incubate later.

8. Define what is hippology?

The study of horses is called Hippology.

10. Which is the smallest marsupial?

The smallest Marsupial is the very rare Ingram's planigab(planigabingrami), a flat-skulled mouse.

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