Anaesthesia (Paediatric) Based Job Interview Questions:

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► Tell me how your training has prepared you for a job in paediatric anaesthesia with some adult practice.
► How has your training prepared you for dealing with the sick child in a hospital without PICU?
► The job is essentially a clinical job but we all have a good research record. How will you support the research activities in this post?
► You are going to teach a group of undergraduates on a topic of your choice next week for an afternoon. How will you go about doing this and what would be your aims and objectives for the session?
► What are the current issues in paediatric anaesthesia? What are the challenges in doing research in paediatric anaesthesia?
► You have a 12-year old child in the anaesthetic room listed for a gastroscopy (non-urgent) and he is refusing the anaesthetic. What would you do?
► Now you have a 14-year old child listed for an emergency operation also refusing the anaesthetic. What would you do?
► If I informed you that I was about to do one of the cases on the list using a new technique, what would be your response?
► In this hospital, we often repair TOFs thorascopically. What would you do if the neonate became difficult to manage and was hard to ventilate during the procedure?
► What does quality mean in terms of paediatric anaesthesia?
► What is the anaesthetist's role in child protection?
► How we can compare ourselves against other paediatric anaesthetic departments?
► What do you know about Information Governance?
► What do you think of the consultant appraisal process?
► Tell me why we should give you the job above the other candidates?
► Have you ever had a complaint made against you or seen a complaint handled? What happened?
► You have been a locum for nearly a year. What do you think could be improved in your current trust?
► You have never worked in London before. How do you feel about that andd isn't that full of large intimidating teaching hospitals?
► There is a spectrum of anaesthetists; some are very cautious and others are more cavalier. Where are you on the spectrum?
► Paediatric anaesthesia is a stressful job at times. How do you handle that?
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