Basic Guidance Counselor Interview Questions:

Submitted by: Muhammad
► What is your education and experience that qualifies you for this position?
► What personal characteristics do you possess that would enhance your work as a counselor?
► What is the role of the school counselor in a Comprehensive Competency Based Guidance program?
► What is your understanding of classroom guidance and how would you work with a classroom teacher?
► What is the counselor's role in student academic achievement?
► How does Comprehensive Competency Based Guidance directly effect/relate to student achievement?
► How would your present or previous employer describe you in terms of effectiveness as a counselor/teacher/employee?
► If you are assigned to a school with many challenges, what are some programs you would start to help improve the school climate?
► A teacher comes to you concerning a child with the following behaviors: aggression; poor peer relations; inattention to learning; will not accept adult authority or responsibility for behavior. Overall, how would you handle this situation?
► How would you deal with a parent who is upset with his/her student's progress in class?
► What is a counselor's agreement and how would you use it to implement a Comprehensive Competency Based Guidance program?
► How do you see the word "leader" fitting in to your role as a counselor?
► What is the counseling theory that you most closely follow?
► What is the most creative and innovative counseling technique you have used?
► How would you divide your time between meeting the immediate needs of the students and keeping up with the paperwork?
► How will you evaluate your programs to meet (a) current state standards; (b) standards of best practice for a comprehensive guidance and counseling program; and (c) the National School Counseling Standards per the American School Counselor Association?
► How would you handle an irate parent?
► How would you handle a passive (perhaps irresponsible) parent?
► How would you handle a large group of students having attendance problems?
► How do you see yourself fitting in with counselors who have many years experience as veteran teachers?
► How would you fit in with a large staff?
► What is your strongest asset?
► What do you think is the most important characteristic of a counselor?
► What do you see as the role of a counselor in a school this large?
► What preconceptions do you have of our school?
► What have you heard about our school?
► What makes you want to work at ______ School?
Submitted by: Muhammad

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