Fresh Guidance Counselor Job Interview Questions:

Submitted by: Muhammad
► What is it that you like about (level) school students?
► What is something new you could bring to our program?
► How do you handle criticism?
► How do you handle stress?
► Are you opposed to working above and beyond school hours to get the job done?
► Are you opposed to working at night for functions such as college night, senior night, etc.?
► Does your principal know you're applying for this job and how does he/she feel about it?
► What technology applications do you see being useful in your work?
► What might your professional development plan look like?
► What do you think the role of the counselor is in preventing school violence?"
► What experiences have you had as a teacher that make you feel capable of being a counselor?
► What experiences have you had in working with special education students?
► What can you provide that is different from a social worker, school psychologist, or mental health counselor?
► When considering ethical standards and school policies, how would you handle a conflict between the two?
► What do the most recent state standardized test results indicate about this school district and this school; and what is your role regarding standardized testing?
► How does a school counselor assist with the implementation of ESL (English as Second Language) in-building programming?
► Describe how you would implement small group guidance lessons?
► Because time is a scarce resource in schools today, and because of a strong push for improved standardized test scores, best educational practices suggest that in-class guidance lessons not take away from classroom instructional minutes. How will you address this issue as a school counselor?
► What has your experience been in working with students of color & LGBT?
► What is your experience with parenting programs? Describe past interactions with parents in home visits.
► What does your future comprehensive program look like?
► How do you handle conflict with a colleague, parent, administrator?
► What does a good home visit look like?
► How do feel about writing letters of recommendation (HS)?
► How do you keep yourself organized? Discuss how you multitask.
► Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
► Can we ask you a question in Spanish, and can you respond likewise?
Submitted by: Muhammad

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