Histopathology Consultant Interview Questions:

Submitted by: Muhammad
► Tell us about your training experience. What did you feel were the advantages and drawbacks?
► How many cases have you reported?
► The post needs research interests. How do you think you can develop this?
► What is you subspecialist interest and how can it fit within the current job plan?
► What is your experience in GI pathology?
► Not everyone can be a leader. What do you understand by 'Clinical Leadership'? How would you develop this within your department?
► What leadership role would you like to take in future?
► What are the changes propsed by the current white paper?
► Which of these do you think is the most important change and why?
► What is the major threat to our Trust as a result of the proposed changes?
► What are the criteria for patient satisfaction during the period of their treatment in a hospital?
Submitted by: Muhammad

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