Intensive Care & Anaesthesia Consultant Interview Questions:

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► Talk me briefly through your CV.
► The Chief Executive has decided to give you a year off before your start your post. How would you spend that year, and how would that benefit the Trust?
► What do you think wil be the major changes within intensive care medicine during the next 5 years?
► The ICU in this trust is going to change considerably over the next 5 years. How can you assist in this process?
► How do you know that you get on well with people? How would you know if you were failing?
► What do you think is the role of the consultant in postgraduate medical education?
► What do you think is the role of the consultant in teaching outside of ICU?
► Sometimes in the ICU there is a difference of opinion between the parent medical or surgical team and the ICU team about the appropriate management of the patient, in particular with regards to end of life decisions. How would you go about managing such disputes?
► The post that you have applied for is essentially 2 jobs (ICU and anaesthetics). This can cause problems between the two departments with conflicts of loyalty. What do you think about this and how will you manage it?
► Tell me about your hobbies and how they are useful to this job.
► What do you think the contribution of the new consultant post will be to medical student education.
► What do you think of the role of the new consultant in clinical research?
► A report in the Annals of Medicine states that patients managed by intensivists have a worse outcome than those managed by non-intensivists. Would you like to comment?
► What is your greatest weakness?
► Is there anything that you are not telling us and that you think I, as the Chief Executive, ought to know? Why should I not give you the job?
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