1. Explain me what impact did you have in your last job?

I leave an impression that I can stand up to the challenges that the work has to offer and in my own assessment, I know I didn't fail them in any way. I have improved and developed my organization and communication skills during my last job and I continue to strive excellence in everything I do.

2. Tell us how do you Manage Rejected or Unpaid Claims?

It is quite a problem when a claim gets rejected or is not paid. I make sure that no delays occur when submitting claims as I appreciate the fact that the longer a claim is unpaid, the less likely it is to be paid and can get rejected too. However, should this situation occur, I make sure that I correct and re-submit the claim as soon as possible. Further, I'll can establishing measure to Reduce Claim Denials.

3. Explain how do you Deal Rejected or Unpaid Claims?

I find out why a claim has either been rejected or left unpaid. If the insurance company has made a mistake in rejecting it, I re-file it after providing further information on why it should have been paid. If the insurance company is right in denying it, I follow up with the client in order to solicit payment.

4. Explain me how do you deal with rejected or unpaid claims?

The longer claims go unpaid, the less likely it is they will be paid. Getting denied or rejected claims corrected and re-submitted can be a lot of revenue to a provider. A prospective biller or coders effectiveness and experience here is very important to a practice's accounts receivables and likely one of the top interview questions.

5. Tell us what Is Your Strategy For Ensuring Accuracy?

A reimbursement specialist typically uses software to conduct transactions using medical billing codes. Answer this question with details about how you find the right codes quickly, stay organized and focused, and double-check your work with industry-standard tools, such as the American Billing Association's Medical Coding & Billing and Resource Center. Express how your goal is to reduce or prevent errors from happening entirely.

6. Tell me what usually gets your number one priority in a typical day?

☛ 1- check my mail for any correspondence from clients and reply
☛ 2- check AR aging to avoid any bad debt in our customers
☛ 3- Check bank movements if we have payment advice from any client
☛ 4- Make allocate payments and analysis any queries.

7. Tell me what type of certifications do you have?

I would expect this question to be asked more for medical coding jobs. Certification in medical billing is a definite plus, but I haven't seen that requirement for strictly medical billing jobs. Certification does show you are committed to your profession and meet certain minimum standards. If you are not certified, a good response would be that you are working towards certification - assuming you are. But don't dwell on what credentials you don't have - emphasize the experience and skills you do have.

8. Tell me have you used Computer Software?

I have been using computer and softwares comfortably. Apart from being able to work with most common software, tell if you are familiar with any Medical Billing Software or EMR Software System e.g IntelleChart and ECLIPSE.

9. Tell me do you keep updated with Insurance and Healthcare coverage changes?

Yes, I keep myself constantly updated with Medical Billing and Coding industry updates in regular basis. Additionally, certification upgrades help and so does maintaining liaison with insurance companies and other healthcare agencies help as well.

10. Tell me why Are Good Communication Skills Essential in This Field?

Interviewers want to know whether, in addition to dealing with clinical records and submitting medical claims, you can also deal with patient calls and work with other medical billing personnel to resolve disputes. This role typically requires strong verbal and written skills to effectively interact with others, so describe situations that required you to communicate effectively under pressure with co-workers and medical office personnel.

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