1. Tell me when did you start following the stock market?

2007 sophomore year in college. Professor assigned each students 3 companys to research and follow during the semester and prepare the entire business analysis as final project grade.

2. Tell me what makes good financial analysts these days?

A good financial analyst is one who is able to bring out the best from a huge amount of data. A good financial analyst is one who has the capability to transfer the data into a right financial decision about what is to be bought and what is to be sold.

3. Tell me what are your thoughts on the recent mortgage crisis?

The mortgage crisis is a product caused by financial engineering. While it is wonderful to create products for shareholders, we also need to create an environment where all stakeholders can benefit. So, the mortgage crisis pains me.

4. What is quarterly forecasting, expense models and updating revenue?

The analysis of expenses and revenue which is predicted to be produced or incurred in future is called quarterly forecasting. The product or the service and its respect and demand in the market are mentioned as revenues. At times when it is mentioned that revenues would boom, it means that profits will enhance and also the expenses would elevate when compared with incomes.

5. Tell us how is the current monetary policy affecting your decision making?

I think I possess adequate qualification and experience required for this position. I m positive that my knowledge and skill will further enhance the analytical and reporting structure of this company. Hence, I consider myself a great fit for this position.

6. Why did you choose our company?

When such question is put forward, make sure to emphasize more on the good reputation of the company. Mention that the environment of the company is challenging and you are ready to face challenges. You can also mention that you can work together with the company and help the organization grow.

7. Do you have any questions to ask us what we do?

This question usually comes up at the end of the interview and important to be focused. Avoid asking questions related to perks, leave, place of posting, salary and more. Instead, you can ask them about any development or induction programs that take place in the organization. Otherwise, you can also ask for a feedback and mention that you would evaluate and enhance strength and other shortcomings.

8. Explain me about a time you failed as Finance Analyst?

I was put in a group one time in school for a project, and some of our members did not mesh well with others, as such, they did not help towards the project, and ultimately the quality of the project ended up being poor because others had to over compensate.

9. Please explain what is a deferred tax asset and why might one be created?

Deferred tax asset arises when a company actually pays more in taxes to the IRS than they show as an expense on their income statement in a reporting period.

Differences in revenue recognition, expense recognition (such as warranty expense), and net operating losses (NOLs) can create deferred tax assets.

10. Tell me what is the difference between journal entry and a ledger?

The book which has the original entry is called a journal. The book is mandatory one as it has all the transactions that associate to the company for the specific financial year. The journal can also be mentioned as the mother of the ledger. In this scenario, all the accounts are portioned as debit and credit as per rules. The ledger is one which has particular accounts which is taken from the original journal.

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