1. Explain a tough financial analysis problem you faced recently?

Your ability to identify key issues and detect problems from relevant information is key in your answer. Your skill in breaking down, organizing and analyzing information is under the spotlight with this interview question.

2. Tell me an example of a win win situation you negotiated?

This financial interview question explores your ability to communicate information or alternatives in a manner that gains agreement and acceptance. Show how you are able to look at the position of others, present alternatives and reach an agreement that is positive for all parties.

3. What motivates you in your job as Financial Controller?

Finance interview questions that examine your motivation are designed to assess whether you will be a good motivational fit with the job opportunity and the company. Make your motivation relevant to what the finance job provides. Most finance positions require self-motivated people whose motivators include managing a challenge, getting the required results, achievement and recognition.

4. What Are Your Salary Requirements and Expectations as Financial Controller?

You want to be paid as much as you can, while the hiring firm wants to get your services for as little as they can. Do not undersell yourself and your abilities, but do not make your demands so high that that you are rejected out of hand as a potential hire if you would settle for less.

5. Tell me what has been a major achievement in your working career?

Discuss a relevant achievement, the challenges you faced in getting there and what made you successful. Discuss why it was important to you, making the reasons relevant to the finance job you are interviewing for. Emphasize how your achievement can be translated into success in this position.

6. Tell me at the end of the year, what will success in this job look like?

Beyond the preliminary deliverables, it's important to understand what the employer expects from the winning candidate over the longer haul – after their first, full year, for example, once all the attendant kinks have been worked out and the learning curves mastered.

With the employer painting the picture for you, you'll be able to visualize how all your skills and experiences could help you reach that landmark.

7. Tell me how do you go about persuading others to your point of view?

Finance professionals regularly have to persuade and influence people to accept their services, their expertise and their advice. Determining needs, selecting the most suitable approach and deciding on the right interpersonal style are all factors in successfully influencing others. Support your answer with a recent example.

8. Why Did You Quit a Given Job as Financial Controller?

If the interviewer asks about why you quit a certain job, or why there are gaps in your resume, what should you say? This short video addresses that difficult question.

There are many valid reasons that interviewers are unlikely to hold against you in assessing you as a job candidate. However, presenting your reasons awkwardly or unconvincingly definitely is bound to raise questions about you and damage your chances. Be sure that you rehearse your explanations in accordance with these suggestions.

9. Tell me what are your strengths and weaknesses as a finance professional?

Provide an interview answer that demonstrates your self awareness and insight.

10. Explain me about a recent high stress situation you were in. How did you manage it?

Finance jobs demand the ability to work well under pressure. The interviewer wants to know whether you are able to perform under stress and cope with difficult situations. Show that you can stay calm and are able to plan to reduce stress.

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