1. Tell me what is Lotus Notes User ID file?

- Lotus Notes user Id file is to identify a legitimate Notes user.

- Notes Ids are created by Administrator.

- Notes Id is a gateway to enter into Notes.

The file contains :

- ID owner's name

- One or more certificate from a certified ID

- One public key and one private key

- License number of Notes

- Password

- Encryption keys

- To secure SSL connections and MIME mail messages, an internet certificate is used

- An Internet certificate used to secure SSL connections and encrypt and sign S/MIME mail messages (optional for Notes client only)

- Encryption keys

2. Explain how to set the reading order for paragraphs in a document?

Reading order for paragraphs can be set in Lotus Notes by enabling ‘bi-directional' text.

Following are the steps to do so.

- Ensure that the document is in Edit mode.

- Select the text that is to be specified in reading order.

- Click Text?Text Properties menu item.

- Click the Paragraph Alignment tab.

- Click on Left-to-Right or Right-to-Left option next to Reading Order

- Click on OK button.

3. Explain the Image White List feature in Lotus Notes?

- Certain images from web sites are not shown when a MIME email is opened.

- Images are displayed with red cross mark instead.

- To view images one should click ‘Show Images' link.

Image White List alters this behavior.

- Image White List is a list of web sites.

- When the image is stored in the list of web pages, then the image is shown without.

- clicking the ‘Show Images' link.

- Until the ‘Show Images' is clicked, the images will be in shown with red cross mark.

4. Tell me what are server and device requirements to install Lotus Notes Traveler in Android compatible mobile phones?

Server Requirements:

- Minimum 500 GB free disk space
- Minimum 512 MB RAM
- HTTP / TCP or HTTPS / TCP protocols supported network.
- GSM / GPRS / 802.11x and WiFi compatible devices

Client Device requirements:

- 2 MB free disk space on Android client device
- 2 MB of trace and log storage depending on the configurations settings of the device.

OS requirements:

- Android OS 2.0.1 +

5. Tell me what are the three modes of Lotus iNotes?

Lotus iNotes includes three modes for users accessing their Notes mail:-

Full Mode:

- Has collaboration tools that are integrated for environments which provide broadband connections.
- This mode is apt for accessing all the features of iNotes.

Light Mode:

- It has modules like mail, contacts, and calendar.
- It is best suited for networks with slow connection or less bandwidth.

Ultra-light Mode:

- This mode is compatible to use with mobile devices or on desktop.

6. Explain what are the Lotus Notes database elements?

The elements of Lotus Notes database are

1. Data
2. Design
3. Code
4. Security

1. Data :

- Data is stored in Notes database as a set of records.
- Every record is referred as a document.
- A document / record consist of fields of various formats like, rich text, file attachments.

2. Design:

- Different design elements are used to store data in database.
- Initially, the forms are used to access, modify records.
- There are navigators and outlines which allow to create visual interfaces.
- The design elements in a database can be seen using Notes client or a web browser.

3. Code:

- Data manipulation is done by different types of code in a database.
- Lotus Notes has native support for a formula language, scripting language.
- The code can directly be placed on design elements like Forms, views.

4. Security

- Notes provide a security layer called Access Control List.
- This allows the DBA / designers to fine tune the user's transactions in the database.
- Users are allowed to have access changes in database.
- On a more granular level, the database designer / DBA can grant or revoke or deny the access to various database components like Views, Forms and even Documents.

7. Explain what is the difference between Broadcast Domain and Collision Domain?

Broadcast Domain:

- A logical set of computer systems those are reachable without using a router.

- Broadcast Domain is limited to the specific IP sub network for all the IP broadcasts.

- Broadcast domain uses a switched environment to broadcast.

- The network systems will have 255 at the end of the IP addresses.

Collision Domain:

- It refers a set of devices in which packet collision could occur.

- The devices can include the devices of another IP sub networks.

- There is a potential packet collision as multiple devices transmit data on one wire / link.

- A collision can occur on cable , hub or repeater

8. Explain Ultra-light Mode?

- This mode is compatible to use with mobile devices or on desktop.

9. Explain Full Mode?

- Has collaboration tools that are integrated for environments which provide broadband connections.
- This mode is apt for accessing all the features of iNotes.

10. Explain what is Project Atlantic in Lotus Notes?

- Project Atlantic is a joint product of IBM and SAP.

- Allows access to SAP business suite.

- Implements the Lotus Notes client Interface.

- Business process automation with higher compliance.

- Reporting, analytics, workflows are adapted for improved performance.

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