1. Name of some control used to call a windows application?

OLE is the control used to call a windows application.

Call Shell(stAppName, 1)

2. How To set the command button for ESC, Which property needs to be changed?

set cancel property to true

Ex: button1.cancel = true

3. Name the platforms through which visual basic applications are available?

Most of the visual basic applications are available on 32 bit Intel platforms. These applications also run on many of the windows software systems such as server 2003, XP, Vista, etc.

5. Explain What forms should be used for Complex user Input?

Userforms should be used for complex user input. When an application input has non text as an input it is advisable to use Userforms rather than the input boxes. When you are using Userforms a user can give input any number of times which is not the case when you use input boxes. This can be accessible from the insert menu in your VBA editor after which you can insert your code.

6. What is the security vulnerabilities for VBA?

Microsoft Visual basic has its host of problems one such being macros, Macros can be created which can create a havoc for a programmer with good intentions. Also the security issue rests in the hands of the user and not the programmer as such. A user can manipulate the VBA document.

7. Explain 3 main differences between flexgrid control and dbgrid control?

1. Datagrid is Editable, flexgrid is Diplay only.

2. DBGrid allows full data binding while MSFlexGrid allows read-only binding

3. MSFlex grid is smaller and allows cell merging while Datagrid is larger and does not allow cell merging

8. What is Constructors and distructors?

when we initialize the form at that time if we want to set any variable's value then we can set it by defining in constructor. constructor 's name always same as class name.and destructor is used to recover memory occupied by any variable defining in constructor.

constructor and destructor is the new way in object oriented languages to initialize the varibles at the time of object creation.
when we declare an object,we can pass the values to it,and that values will be assigned to the data members of that class,whose object it is.
a class can have no. of objects and no. of constructors. an constructor is called automatically when an object is created.
there is only one destructor in any class,that is to deallocated the memory of the object when an object is destroyed or no longer exist

9. What is visual basic and its importance?

Microsoft holds license for Visual basic applications and it has been developing that language. Visual basic applications have an embedded programming environment which assists programmers in developing custom solutions by using almost all features of visual basic. Applications which are currently hosting visual basic can fully utilize the power of Visual basic applications because they have an added functionality and ease of visual basic applications.

10. Explain the interpretation features of VBA?

VBA is licensed to Microsoft and this compatible with and only Microsoft products. Code written is compiled by an intermediate language called P-code and this is stored in hosting applications such as Excel, Word and Access. The intermediate code is interpreted by a virtual machine. This code and intermediate language is the exclusive right of Microsoft.

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