1. Define Integration Testing?

According to IEEE, Integration Testing is An orderly progression of testing in which software elements, hardware elements, or both are combined and tested, to evaluate their interactions, until the entire system has been integrated. It Test against system design and Focuses on communication between modules start with one module, then add incrementally. Various Types of Integration Testing are: * big bang approach - Integrate Everything at once * top-down approach - Keep on breaking the system in parts one by one and than test each part. * bottom-up approach - Test the small parts first and than keep on integrating the system and keep on testing the bigger module of it. * mixed approach - Done by help of stubs.

2. Define Sysem Testing?

IEEE Defines it as The process of testing an integrated hardware and software system to verify that the system meets its specified requirements. It is tested against system specification. May test manual procedures, restart and recovery, user interface, stress, performance. In System Testing, real data is used and sometimes users participations is also used.

3. Define about Regression Testing?

Regression Testing accdoing to IEEE is "selective retesting of a system or component to verify that modifications have not caused unintended effects". It is repetition of tests intended to show that the software's behavior is unchanged, except insofar as required. It Can be done at each test level.

4. Define Alpha / Beta testing?

Probably one term which you must be aware of as we often hears this software is in Alpha phase and in Beta phase. Here Testing is done by representative set of potential users for trial use. Please Note - in-house (alpha testing) - external (beta testing).

5. How you can Design a Test Case?

This Question is often asked in Microsoft of from any other company who is looking to hire you for testing work. A test case will have 5 section.

6. Define Sanity Test?

It is used to Verify whether the build is ready for feature/requirement based testing).

7. Define Recovery Testing?

It is used in verifying software restart capabilities after a "disaster".

8. Define Security Testing?

It is ued toverify proper controls have been designed.

9. Define Usability Testing?

It evaluate the Human Computer Interface. Verifies for ease of use by end-users. Verifies ease of learning the software, including user documentation. Checks how effectively the software functions in supporting user tasks. Checks the ability to recover from user errors.

10. Define Configuration Testing?

It is Used when software meant for different types of users. It also check that whether the software performs for all users.

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