1. Tell us how do you stay up to date with industry?

Discuss how you stay up to date by reading industry specific sites, magazines, and Google / yahoo news. Also make sure you stay up to date by reading the current news on the company's website.

2. Give me an example of when you competed hard and won?

You can reference many different areas here when discussing a story of where you won in competition: Work experience (ideal), sports, clubs, classes, projects.

3. Can you explain me about a time you had to fire a friend?

Hopefully you've never had to do this, but if you did, talk about how hard it was personally to fire anyone but that you did it objectively.

4. Explain why are you the best fit for this job?

Analyze the job responsibilities and match those to your skills sets. Then discuss how your experience and skills sets can truly create the best impact to the company in that specific job role. Impact could mean marketing impressions, sales, cutting costs, making products more efficiently, creating better customer service, engineering new designs that create customer excitement, etc.

5. Explain me which Platform(s) Do You Target?

Before you solicit the services of a developer, you should decide what platform, or platforms, you intend to target. Knowing your market before selecting a developer will make things easier for both you and the developer you hire. If you intend to only sell your game to the iOS market, there is no point interviewing a programmer who only writes games for Android. On the other hand, there is a pressing need to find a developer who knows iOS like his native tongue.

6. Tell us do You Assist With Marketing and Distribution?

If you have never developed a game for commercial purposes, you might not realize the importance of marketing and distributing your game software properly. The decline of console gaming has lead to retail game stores closing by the hundreds. Instead, mobile gaming has taken the field and mobile games are increasingly sold through digital distribution. Unlike boxed sales, digital distribution allows even a new company to sell their games in the same places as the big boys. Generally, they have the same access to the same online platforms and can sell their software below-retail prices.

7. Tell me what's the least rewarding work you've ever done and why?

Describe work you've done that you feel doesn't take advantage of your full potential. For example, "I once had to make paper copies for my job and I feel it didn't take full advantage of my skills. However, it did teach me to be humble in my work and to appreciate a good opportunity when it arose to use my skills"

8. Can you write a C# method to total all the even numbers in an array of ints?

This is an open-ended coding question that is likely to produce a variety of answers. What you're really looking for is how the developer chooses to solve the problem. Do they settle for the obvious one-liner, return intArray.Where(i => i % 2 == 0).sum() or will they notice the high probability of overflow and instead opt for something more nuanced like the sample answer below?

static long TotalAllEvenInts(int[] intArray) {
return (from i in intArray where i % 2 == 0 select (long)i).Sum();
Experienced C# developers will take this as an opportunity to show off their knowledge of C# language constructs that make simple solutions like the one above possible.

9. Explain me your Development Process?

Ask your prospective game developer to explain their process to you. If they have to formulate one on the spot, move on. Creating modern games is a highly complex endeavor. As with professional software development of any type, there must be a process which the developer follows from project conception to post development, if the project can be expected to go smoothly.

While a few different strategies exist for managing software development projects, Agile is, by far, the leading system of methods and practices used by professional Unity 3D game developers.

10. Tell us what is your biggest fear?

Don't try to sugarcoat the answer by listing something ambitious as a fear, unless you truly mean it (for example: I fear being a great leader) - Share your real fears but discuss how you would overcome them.

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