1. What is cubemap Texture?

A Cubemap Texture is a collection of six separate square Textures that are put onto the faces of an imaginary cube. Most often they are used to display infinitely faraway reflections on objects, similar to how Skybox displays faraway scenery in the background

2. Explain what is rigging?

The process of building a skeleton hierarchy of bone joints for your mesh. Performed with an external tool, such as Max or Maya.

3. What is muscle definition?

This allows you to have more intuitive control over the character's skeleton. When an Avatar is in place, the Animation system works in muscle space, which is more intuitive than bone space.

4. What is MUD?

'Multi User Dimension' (or 'Multi User Dungeon' or 'Multi-User Domain') is a text-based, game-world on the internet where the players can interact using text commands. Generally RPG games.

5. What is avatar Mask?

A specification for which body parts to include or exclude for a skeleton. Used in Animation Layers and in the importer.

6. What is t-pose?

The pose in which the character has their arms straight out to the sides, forming a “T”. The required pose for the character to be in, in order to make an Avatar.

7. What is MOO?

'Multi-User Domain - Object Oriented' is a type of MUD that allows players greater freedom such as creating new objects and character descriptions and programming new verbs.

8. What is puzzle?

Puzzle games are games that usually require the player to solve a puzzle such as a maze, logical problem or positioning different pieces together.

9. Tell us why vectors should be normalized when used to move an object?

Normalization makes the vector unit length. It means, for instance, that if you want to move with speed 20.0, multiplying speed * vector will result in a precise 20.0 units per step. If the vector had a random length, the step would be different than 20.0 units.

10. What is educational/Serious?

Educational/serious games are games aimed at teaching, discussing or debating real-world concepts via gameplay.

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