Anaesthesia Consultant Interview Questions:

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☛ Can you summarise how your interests will benefit the job plan that you have applied for?
☛ Can you summarise your research experience?
☛ Can you tell us about your teaching experience?
☛ What does an "organisation with a memory" mean to you and how do you think it applies to this Trust?
☛ Do you believe in evidence-based practice?
☛ What do you think about being told to change your practice when there is no evidence for the change?
☛ How does working in a team help with our jobs?
☛ What is the role of the anaesthetic consultant as a leader?
☛ Have you been involved in changing practice where you have worked? Tell us what steps you need to follow and what the outcome was.
☛ Have you anything you have regretted in your career?
☛ Have you been involved in conflict? Can you talk us through how you resolved this?
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