Clinical Governance & Safe Practice Consultant Interview Questions:

Submitted by: Muhammad
► What makes you think that you are safe?
► How do you know that you are safe ?
► How can we make sure that you are performing to the standards of Good Medical Practice?
► Tell us about your day-to-day experience of clinical governance.
► What contribution can you make to clinical governance in your new consultant post?
► How do you keep up to date?
► How do you identify your weaknesses and deficiencies?
► What contribution can you make to risk management?
► Do you believe in a no-blame culture?
► When did you last have to complete a critical incident form?
► How would you encourage your team to complete critical incident forms each time it is appropriate?
► What are the hurdles to implementing clinical governance in a department?
► Tell us about a recent clinical mistake that you have made.
► Tell us about your biggest mistake.
► Tell us about a situation where you felt out of your depth.
► When is the last time that you had to seek senior help?
► Do you think that it is acceptable for consultants to ask for help?
► Tell us about your audit experience.
► How does patient feedback influence your practice?
► How responsive are you to your patients' needs?
► Tell us about the most difficult clinical situation you have faced.
Submitted by: Muhammad

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