Anaesthesia (Obstetrics) Consultant Interview Questions:

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► Tell us about how your experience abroad constrasts with your UK experience.
► Looking back at your training abroad and in the UK, what would you have done differently?
► What areas do you feel would have made your UK training more complete?
► Are you aware of anything which was written in the past 6 months on the issue of content?
► What risks are surgical patients exposed to?
► You are in theatre drawing up your drugs for your first case, with the patient in the anaesthetic room. A fellow consultant anaesthetist comes in to say that he is not comfortable anaesthetising the first patient on his list. What would you do?
► You have a novice SHO who knows nothing about epidural with you. How would you go about teaching him about epidural?
► When you think the SHO is ready to do his first epidural, would you tell the patient that it is the SHO's first epidural?
► Why should we recruit you as a consultant rather than employ someone else at staff grade level?
► You have applied for the obstetric anaesthetic post. If we offered you a generalist job instead, would you take it?
► In a University hospital, what is more important: teaching or research?
► What are your views about appraisals for consultants? How should it be done? Who should be in charge?
► Will you be applying for an employer-based merit award?
► What is the worst peri-operative outcome? Should it be included as a discussion point during appraisal?
► If all doctors were asked to comment on the appraisal process, what do you think the majority would say?
► If we offered you the job, would you accept it?
► Why do really REALLY want to work for us?
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