Consultant Teaching Based Interview Questions:

Submitted by: Muhammad
► Tell us about your teaching experience.
► How do you cope with teaching multidisciplinary groups?
► Tell us about Problem-Based Learning? What are its pros and cons?
► What kind of teaching do you like/dislike the most?
► Tell us about your worst teaching experience as a teacher.
► What have you learnt from the teaching courses you attended?
► Do you think that anyone can be taught?
► How would you enthuse a junior doctor who had shown an interest into your specialty to join the specialty as a career?
► If I gave you a group of 6 FY2s/ST1s to teach next week for one hour on <topic>, how would you go about preparing for it?
► What makes you a good teacher?
► How do you know that youare a good teacher?
► What is the difference between a good teacher and an excellent teacher?
► How can we maintain good teaching in view of the decreased number of hours imposed by the European Working Time Directive?
► Other than by attending courses, how would you improve your teaching skills?
► Tell us about some of the negative feedback that you have received following your teaching sessions.
► How would you explain to an uneducated patient what <condition> is?
Submitted by: Muhammad

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