General Financial Controller Job Interview Questions:

Submitted by: Muhammad
☛ What are the most important factors to consider in budget development?
☛ What is the most challenging financial project you've ever worked on?
☛ Recall a time you identified a financial opportunity for your company.
☛ How have you reduced expenses at previous companies?
☛ What are the financial strengths and weaknesses of our industry?
☛ How has your leadership contributed to the success of your current/previous team?
☛ How have you increased revenues in previous companies you've worked for?
☛ Recall a time when you improved the quality of financial information or the efficiency of sharing financial information.
☛ What kinds of reports or presentations have you developed for executive teams?
☛ Do you have any experience in setting up accounting/financial reporting controls? If so, please give an example of a control you were able to design and implement.
☛ Recall a time when you introduced new technology to your staff.
☛ What kind of accounting/financial reporting software are you familiar with?
☛ What is your approach to hiring financial staff?
☛ How have you helped junior financial staff advance in their careers?
☛ Recall a time you had to motivate your team to complete a complex project under a tight deadline.
☛ How do you monitor and evaluate the performance of your team?
☛ Recall a time you had to persuade an executive team to make an important financial decision.
Submitted by: Muhammad

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