Strengths and Interests Guidance Counselor Interview Questions:

Submitted by: Muhammad
► What influenced you to be a school counselor?
► What practical experiences have you had that make you feel capable of being a school counselor?
► What is your strongest asset?
► What do you know about our school that you would consider a strength? a weakness?
► Tell us about a successful (satisfying) case that you have handled? And, one that was not so successful; what would you have done differently?
► What makes you want to work at ______ School?
► What is it that you like about working with (grade level) school students?
► How would you deal with cultural differences in a school setting?
► What is something new you could bring to our program?
► How do you handle criticism?
► How do you handle stress?
► Are you available to work in the evenings for functions such as parent programs, student programs, etc.?
► What experiences have you had in working with special education students?
► What has your experience been in working with students of color & gay, lesbian, bisexual and/or transgendered students?
► What is your experience with parenting programs?
► How do you approach writing letters of recommendation (HS)?
► What does school counseling mean to you?
► How do you keep yourself organized? Discuss how you multitask.
► Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
► Are you proficient in a language other than English?
Submitted by: Muhammad

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