What Would You Do As Guidance Counselor Interview Questions:

Submitted by: Muhammad
► One of your students told you she was pregnant?
► You suspected one of your students is being abused?
► One of your students talks to you about wanting to kill himself/herself?
► One of your students tells you they are being abused?
► A student requests a teacher change because he/she doesn't like them?
► A parent requests you to switch their child's teacher?
► A student requests to be in the same lunch period as their friend?
► You suspect one of your students is abusing drugs/alcohol?
► One of your students admits to being sexually active?
► One of your students told you he/she is gay?
► One of your student's parents is terminally ill?
► Your student does not get into their number one college choice?
► One of your students wants to drop out of school?
► You overhear the makings of a fight that is about to happen?
► One of your seniors is not going to graduate?
► A parent asks to meet with you at 5 p.m. because that is the only time he/she can get off of work?
► You see one of your students (or parents) in town?
► One of your students continues to fail math (or any subject) each quarter?
► You have a faculty member's child in your caseload?
Submitted by: Muhammad

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