1. How to find the count of records in a dataset?


we can get count of the records.

2. what is data Adapter?

Data adapter is bridge between Connection and DataSet , Data adapter in passing the sql query and fill in dataset

3. What is Isolation?

A transaction is a unit of isolation ? allowing concurrent transactions to behave as though each were the only transaction running in the system.

Isolation requires that each transaction appear to be the only transaction manipulating the data store, even though other transactions may be running at the same time. A transaction should never see the intermediate stages of another transaction.

Transactions attain the highest level of isolation when they are serializable. At this level, the results obtained from a set of concurrent transactions are identical to the results obtained by running each transaction serially.

Because a high degree of isolation can limit the number of concurrent transactions, some applications reduce the isolation level in exchange for better throughput.

4. What is Atomicity?

A transaction is a unit of work in which a series of operations occur between the BEGIN TRANSACTION and END TRANSACTION statements of an application. A transaction executes exactly once and is atomic ?
all the work is done or none of it is.
Operations associated with a transaction usually share a common intent and are interdependent.
By performing only a subset of these operations, the system could compromise the overall intent of the
transaction. Atomicity eliminates the chance of processing a subset of operations.

5. Explain acid properties?

The term ACID conveys the role transactions play in mission-critical applications. Coined by transaction processing pioneers, ACID stands for atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability.

These properties ensure predictable behavior, reinforcing the role of transactions as all-or-none propositions designed to reduce the management load when there are many variables.

6. What is the provider and namespaces being used to access oracle database?

The provider name is oledb and the namespace is system.data.oledb

7. What provider ADO.net use by default?

Ado.net uses no Dataprovider by default and this is absulotely correct answere. there is no other choice for this question

9. What are the two fundamental objects in ADO.NET?

Datareader and Dataset are the two fundamental objects in ADO.NET

10. What are the different row versions available in table?

There are four types of Rowversions.


The current values for the row. This row version does not exist for rows with a RowState of Deleted.

Default :

The row the default version for the current DataRowState. For a DataRowState value of Added,

Modified or Current, the default version is Current. For a DataRowState of Deleted, the version is Original.

For a DataRowState value of Detached, the version is Proposed.


The row contains its original values.


The proposed values for the row. This row version exists during an edit operation on a row, or for a

row that is not part of a DataRowCollection.

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