1. What is difference between import System.Data.SqlClient,System.Data.Oledb?

System.Data.OleDB It contains the objects that we use to connect to a data source via an OleDB provider , such as OleDbConnection, OleDBCOmmand. System.Data.SqlClient It contains objects that we use to connect to a data source via Tabular data stream interface provided by Microsoft Sql Server. This can be generally used to provide better performance because it removes some of the intermediate layers required by the OleDB provider.

2. Write the role of New keyword?

New is used to initialize a new object. We sets a variable to any dattype with help of New keyword .The New keyword gives a value to the variable.We can also uses new keyword to initialize an object variable.
Example:- dim obj as new SqlDataAdapter.

3. What is branching logic control in vb.net?

Function and subroutines are the answer.The diffrence in two of them is function send information back from where it is called means function can return a value but subroutines can not do this.

4. What is DataType conversion in VB.NET ?

Convert one variable type to another one is called datatype conversion we can also caleed this casting in VB.NET some automatically conversion is also there.
Cbool CByte CChar Cdate CDec CDbl CInt CLng CObj CShort CSng CStr CType Asc.

5. Explain about the Ruby interface generator?

Ruby interface generator is primarily responsible for providing the visual part of the Visual basic and this was clubbed with “EB” designed for Omega database system. VBX interface was added to this feature which had the ability to load dynamic link libraries.

6. Explain about the feature Anonymous type?

Anonymous type is a feature of VB.NET and it allows data types to be created from the code which requires it. This feature is present in VB as well as C#. They should be stored in variables declared with the keyword VAR. Dynamic typing is different and shouldn't be confused with Anonymous type.

7. Which is the tool which can convert Visual basic old version to .NET compatibility version?

There is a tool available which can convert old visual basic functions into new .NET code. Artin soft Visual basic upgrade Companion is very useful in converting VB code into .NET code. This tool was developed by Artin. This tool is integrated in Visual studio.NET 2005. It handles programs such as structured handling, error handling, etc.

8. What would you do to remove Microsoft visual basic name space?

.NET has many new features and application supportive tools. To remove Microsoft visual basic name space all you have to do is to
1) Remove the import manually every time you start the project.
2) Creating a template which does not contain Microsoft Visual Basic namespace.
3) About new features and changes names you can refer to MSDN.

9. Explain about the keyword Must Inherit?

This keyword prevents a class from directly instantiated. This keyword forces users to create references to only derived classes. This keyword is present in C# as abstract and it is very useful in creating applications.

10. Name some of the features of C# which are not present in VB.NET?

Some of the features which are not present in VB are as follows they are: -
1) It supports unsafe code blocks for improved performance.
2) Partial interfaces and anonymous methods.
3) Multi line comments and static classes. Etc

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