2. Why messages are immutable inside Biztalk?

Reasons for message immutable: A received message might have
multiple subscribers (orchestration, sendports etc) means each
subscriber of a particular message references the same, single
copy of that message. So, it make sense the message is not
modified by any single service like Orchestration or

2. Since single copy is referenced by multiple subscribers, it
minimize storage. ( A ref counter is maintained for each
message and messages with ref count of 0 are periodically

3. The concept of messages being immutable also allows for
detailed tracking of message state as messages flow through
the system.

3. How many ways to restart the host instance in biztalk?

There are 4 ways to restart host instance:
1)VS 2008-->Select biztalk project-->properties-->in
deployment pane-->select host restart ti true
2)go to run cmd-->type services-->select our host instance's
SSO and click on restart
3)go to Biztalk admin console and select host instance and
right click -->restart
4)Go to cmd prompt and type the command for host instance

4. Is there possible to make atomic transaction as two way communication?

No...Because atomic doesn't have property to maintain
persistent points.

5. When we are promote the fields as quick promote then they are stored in property schema,when we promote as distinguished fields then where the fields stored?

Distinguished Fields are written in the message context by
the pipeline when a message is received on a port.
Distinguished fields are written into the context using the
Write() method on the IBaseMessageContext object.

6. If we are using single send port in two different host instances then either two copies of message will send or single copy will send to subscribers?

Only single copy will send because host instance is for load balancing purpose so that will send only to send location which is belongs to that host instance

7. Can we promote property promotions through Orchestration?

we can extract the field value by using xpath(msgin "string()");

8. Who is best faculty for BizTalk in Bangalore?

As per my knowledge he is Kapil..9535218782

9. Source schema has nodes First Name, Last Name and destination schema has node Name. How we can get data at destination so that we can have two instance of Name (without using orchestration)?

Create a MAP in Biz talk and add first name and last name
strings with space in between and map to destination schema
node. Use that map in port to port binding either in recieve
port or in send port.

10. How to create dynamic ports?

create one port, port type as dynamic.
Drag one expression shape in orchastration.
in that type, Portname(Microsoft.XLANGS.BaseTypes.Addresses)
= Address url.

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