1. Web service support

a) Data set
b) dataReader
c) both of above
d) none of above

a) Data Set

Web service support Data Set and not support data reader

2. In A Page I have gridview with Options of select and delete using hyperlink when i am selecting any one of then it has to open another page how can it?

You can have template column for select and delete instead of the databound column. In which you can mention the destination page where you need to navigate.

Using RowDataBound event, you can add attribute to the select and delete hyperlink like:

e.Row.Cells(CellPosition).Controls(0).Attributes.Add("OnClick","return fnJavascriptFunction()")

e.Row.Cells(CellPosition).Controls(0).Attributes.Add("OnClick","return fnJavascriptFunction('"& If any argument &"')").

3. What types of data validation events are commonly seen in the client-side form validation?

Required Field Validator

Requried Filed Validator,Compare filed validator

4. Name some ASP Objects?

1. Session Object

2. Application Object

3. Server Object

4. Request Object

5. Response Object

6. Object Context

7. Error Object

5. ColumnMapping belongs to which namespaces?

ColumnMapping belongs to which namespaces


6. What is the difference between Server.Transfer and Response.Redirect? Why would I choose one over the other?

Server.Transfer is used when redirecting the webpage with in the same applicationwhereasResponse.Redirect is applicabletowards the redirection of webpage between 2 applications

Response.Redirect will instruct browser to call a particular webpage.This will increase one request and one response between the client and server.

7. What is PreProcessor in .NET and type, where it use?

The pre-processing directives provide the ability to conditionally skip sections of source files, to report error and warning conditions, and to delineate distinct regions of source code. The term "pre-processing directives" is used only for consistency with the C and C++ programming languages. In C#, there is no separate pre-processing step; pre-processing directives are processed as part of the lexical analysis phase.
A preprocessor directive must be the only instruction on a line. Preprocessing directives are lines in your program that start with `#'. Whitespace is allowed before and after the `#'. The `#' is followed by an identifier that is the directive name. For example, `#define' is the directive
Types are:
#if, #else, #elif, #endif, #define, #undef, #warning, #error, #line, #region, #endregion

They are used for:
Conditional compilation
Line control
Error and Warning reporting

For example u can refere the MS site ...

8. Please brief not about XSD,XSLT & XML?

XSD stands for XML Schema Definition.It define the structure of the XML file and the elements and attributes it contains.The datatype of the elements.So that when u populate XML data into dataset, the dataset can treat elements differently based on their type.If XSD is not present dataset treats all elements as string type. XSLT stands for XML style sheet lang tranformation.It is lang used for transforming XML data in one format to another format.Example XML data into HTML format. XSLT uses XPath to identify the elements in XML doc and transform those to desired format

9. List of Words of PreProcessor in .NET?

Main use of directives

10. If we remove web.config or machine.config from the application then, Is this application will works?

If we remove the web.config file from the application it will work.

unless it doesnt have the things like connectionstring etc.

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