1. What is 2 tier and 3 tier architecture?

2 Tier Architecture:
This appliation having only Presentation Layer and Database Layer.

3 Tier Architecture:
This application having Presentation Layer(User Interface) ,Business Layer for only calling Database Layer,Database Access Layer(DAL for maintaining Data Access Method).

2. What are the new features 3.5 framework against with the tool?

1) In Built AJAX
2) Compiler Version is changed.

4. Explain What rare the Types of JIT and what is econo-JIT?

Types of jit : prejit,ecno jit,normal jit

pre jit : convert source code to native code in single completion of cycle.Normally this can be done at the time of deployment.

econo jit : coverts the only called methods to native code,however it can be removed when are not required.

normal jit : compliled the called methods to native code.In the the methods can be compiles for the first time.For latter calls it can be displayed using cached items.

6. What is the difference between asp.net & vb.net and explain architecture?

ASP.NET is a web-development platform.VB.NET is a language.Web-development with ASP.NET platform HTML,CSS, Client side scripts, ASP.NET tags and code behind with VB.NET or C#.NET or J#/C++ combination.

7. What is marshling?

Marshaling performs the necessary conversions in data formats between managed and unmanaged code.CLR allows managed code to interoperate with unmanaged code usining COM Marshaler(Component of CLR)

8. A developer company sends dlls to the client. some client is not happy current functionality, so request some modification. developer made some changes and send new dll to all clients. Some client is happy with old version, tell me minimal change to so that neither clients get affected?

In vb.net we have a version control in there we have this is the old version of Dll we have change only the for the New dll which is compablitly of the ealry version.

One need to specify "bindingRedirect" in the config file.
<assemblyBinding smlns="urn:schema-microsoft-com:asm.v1">
<assemblyIdentity name="Test" publickeyToken="b035c4774706cc72" culture="neutral">
<bindingRedirect oldVersion="">

9. Explain How to rename a table using sql queries?

exec sp_rename 'oldTableName' , 'newTableName'

Use server side for secure validation. Use client side for fast,user friendly validations.

Execute sp_rename 'oldtablename', 'newtableaname'

sp_rename OldTableName, NewTableName

10. What is interface and abstract class in .Net?

when a class is not provided with full functionalitythen it is declared as abstract.it doesn't support instance creation as well as it cannot be overridable to child class.interface is a colection of methods only without functionality.interface is 90% same as abstract class.

An interface class is a class contains all functions that are are abstract.

An abstract class is a class that may or may not contain an abstract function.

Abstract function : functions with only declaration , no definition is present. the user implimenting, inheriting the function has to override the function , mandatorily.

Instances of abstract class and interface class are made at runtime.so objects cannot be created ,due to lack of informations of the class.

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