1. Define and explain COM?

COM is the component Object Model is a system whch creates application which are binary form that is language independent , object oriented ,modular and reusable .

2. What is the tag Code Base and why do we use it?

No idea please update with your answer

7. Explain The three file types in NT?

NTFS, FAT & FAT 32 are the file systems of NT.

8. How can we have different number of cells for each row of a table?

By setting the columnSpan property for cells of each row as required.

9. How to create Drop Down Combos in HTML using select Tag?

Drop dowm can done through

<select name="sel">

10. Explain Marshalling?

Marshalling is the process of gathering data from one or more applications or non-contiguous sources in computer storage, putting the data pieces into a message buffer, and organizing or converting the data into a format that is prescribed for a particular receiver or programming interface.

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